Caldirola Christmas Moscato Sparkling Wine



Type: Sparkling Wine
Maker: Caldirola
Alcohol: 7%
Bottle Volume:   750 mL

Bottles in case:

UPC code: 0-95753-00815-1

Five hundreds years before Christ, Sophocles is reputed to have asserted that Italy was the chosen land of Bacchus.Already in those distant times the Italic peninsula boasted a rich and widely differentiated expanse of vineyards, some of which are still in existence today. On our soils, which are the most acclaimed in the world, vintners grow hundreds of different varieties of vines, the highly selected and fruitful grapes of which are used to produce quality wines that are able to fill the broadest imaginable requirements in terms of taste and aroma. Even in ancient times the peoples who inhabited the lands around the Mediterranean followed traditions of cuisine that were closely tied to the free availability of produce from their natural surroundings. The main ingredients of this antique culinary tradition are notorious: olive oil, bread, pasta, fish, cheeses, vegetable produce, legumes, fruit and wine - this latter being the undisputed prince of them all. Italian wine, considering the full breadth of its different varieties, makes the ideal companion for all menus, and imparts connotations of tradition, familiarity, sociability.Wine: the synthesis of pleasure and health.

Caldirola Christmas Moscato Sparkling Wine
Distributed in Arizona by Silesia Brands, Inc.