Efes Pilsener Premium Beer (4 X 6-Pk)



Type: Pilsener
Maker: Anadolu Efes
Website: http://www.efespilsen.com.tr/
Alcohol: 5%
Bottle Volume:   330 mL

Bottles in case:

UPC code: 6-64848-33010-3

"Efes Pilsen" has become synonymous with beer in Turkey since 1969 with nearly 80% market share. It is a lager beer with 5% alcohol by volume and is available in, 33 cl. non-returnable bottles. Efes Pilsener is the flagship brand of Efes Beverage Groupand is also produced in Russia and Romania and exported to over 30 countries all over the world including UK, Germany, USA and Japan. Efes Pilsener symbolizes joy and fun in life, those special happy moments, relaxation and conviviality.

Efes Pilsener Premium Beer (4 X 6-Pk)
Distributed in Arizona by Silesia Brands, Inc.